The Polar Collection

The Polar Collection

“It’s like a hug from a polar bear, but without the imminent threat of death”

That’s a quote direct from me - not massively unbiased I know but it is true. The Polar Edition Changing Robe is a real treat to wear.

Since coming up with the initial idea for SRFDRY the Polar Edition was always the product we wanted to spearhead our collection. It had to be heavy duty, warm, waterproof and stylish - not like a walking advertisement but with more subtle branding. It needed to satisfy its primary function of being a performance piece, allowing for easy and discrete changing. After 3 iterations of the design we finally achieved what we set out to do.

To say we were exited when the robes finally arrived would be an understatement. We must have checked the courier’s tracking site about 3 times a day for a month flat. Launching a brand in 2020/21 with all of the travel restrictions and shipping delays has been challenging but ultimately immensely satisfying too.

Simplicity & Style

We’re not claiming to have reinvented the wheel here. The SRFDRY Polar Edition Changing Robe shares features with many of the competitors on the market and we’re not ashamed to admit that.

What we believe makes us stand out is that we bring together the most essential features, add some style and back it up with a competitive price. Not rocket science admittedly but it doesn't need to be.

It's just like a Vogue shoot, without the glamour

Strong Start

We've genuinely been blown away by the response so far, sales for the first few days have been amazing. It feels so good to see the hardwork pay off and to get such positive feedback and lovely comments.

When we launched SRFDRY we obviously had the water sport market in mind, surfing, swimming, SUP etc. It's been really cool to see that a lot of our customers so far have been from other areas too. Mountain bikers and football moms have been loving the robes!

We have a new range of Microfibre Changing Robes in transit at the moment, with new colours to add to the current selection. In the same shipment is our first drop of SRFDRY Changing Mats, which we're super stoked about.

Maybe two-way zips aren't for everyone

Find us on Facebook

As a side note, we've had to create a new Facebook page in order to set up the ability to tag products on Facebook & Instagram. The original page wasn't linked to a business account so we couldn't access the shopping features - annoying.

If you could like the page we'd be muchos appreciative - we need some page likes to show that we're a legit business and not just a random spammy dropshipper, then Facebook will turn on the shoppping facility and everybody will be happy!


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    Elle Rasmussen : January 11, 2024

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the follow on the good old Instagram, I’ve just been checking out what your up to and wandered if we could tee up a chat. My husband Matt and I (Elle) are in Australia just for another week, but from start of June we are back home in North Wales kicking off our season for the summer.

    Would either 3 of you be available for call to touch base?

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